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The 2018 College Men's Basketball Tournament bracket is now available! Don't wait until the last minute to complete your entries!

The 2018 College Women's Basketball Tournament bracket is now available, too!
Please take a few minutes to read info about the Entry-Net, since there have been a few changes since last year.
Click the Go to the Entry-Net button in order to enter the Entry-Net to begin entering your picks or to view pool reports.

Entry-Net Overview
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Below is a list of the things you should know about the Entry-Net before you use it to enter picks or view reports:
  • Personal Information - We have never sold or traded any personal information such as name or email address entered on this web site, and we will not do so with any of the information that is entered for this year's tournament pools.
  • Cookies - Our web site requires the use of cookies during the time that you are using it. The cookies are a necessary part of the way these web pages currently work. If you currently have cookies disabled, then please adjust your browser settings to allow cookies before proceeding from here.
  • Javascript - Our web site requires the use of Javascript on certain pages. If you currently have Javascript disabled, then please adjust your browser settings to allow Javascript to run before proceeding from here.
  • Back Button on Your Browser - We recommend that you limit the use of your browser's Back button while visiting the Entry-Net. The Entry-Net web pages work best when you click the buttons that we have provided on each page instead of your browser's Back button. If you insist on using your browser's Back button, then there may be situations where you will see the web page that displays the "Warning: Page has Expired" message.
  • Pop-up Windows - Our website no longer uses Pop-Up windows for any of the major actions you would perform there. That had been a feature of our web site until very recently, but it was causing some confusion.
  • Contact Pool Manger - We have added a link to most of our pages for participants to Contact Pool Mgr in cases where the Pool Manager has decided to allow that feature. Use of this feature results in an email being sent directly to your pool manager. You would send your pool manager any questions you have that are specific to the way your pool is set up or the way he/she wants to do things.
  • Contact Webmaster - Use of this link will result in an email being sent to us at MicroFest Inc, the makers of Tourney Trackerô. You would send us emails about problems in using the website or suggestions as to how to make the website better.